Town of Saratoga – Agriculture has always been an important part of the Town of Saratoga’s economy. Thomas N. Wood, Sr. stands on top of a wagonload of loose hay harvested at his farm in Grangerville.
Town of Saratoga – Caswell Ham’s store and grist mill were located in the hamlet of Grangerville. The mill was built by Jesse Toll in the late 1700’s and received its power from a waterwheel located on Fish Creek. The mill burned June 8th, 1938.
Town of Saratoga – The Methodist Episcopal Church of Quaker Springs is a focal point in the community. The church was incorporated in 1843 and dedicated in 1845. The stained glass windows were added in 1899.
Town of Saratoga – The mineral springs in Quaker Springs drew many visitors who drank the water for medicinal purposes. The water contains carbonic gas, minerals, and salts of sodas. The mineral water from the spring was bottled and sold for a while.
Town of Saratoga – The Banner store in Quaker Springs in 1911 was owned and operated by the Lohnes Brothers. The Post Office was located in the store until it was closed in 1908. The store burned on October 2, 1962.
Town of Saratoga – The Champlain Canal opened in 1822 and was a great impetus for growth within the town. This view looking north at the canal between Coveville and Schuylerville shows the Hudson River on the right and the Hudson Valley Trolley tracks on the left.