Village of Round Lake – Clarissa Wilmot Potter, 3, walking up Curry Road with the railroad station in the rear. She was the last clerk for the Round Lake Association and first clerk for the Incorporated Village (c. 1911).
Village of Round Lake – Harrison Goddard & friends boating on Round Lake. The gazebo and casino offered boat rentals, refreshments & the beachfront. This was the site of recreation year round (c. 1940).
Village of Round Lake – Round Lake Library before the fire of 1921. Established in 1897 by W.R.L.I.S., the library still occupies its original Victorian style building and continues to be a vital part of the community. It is the second oldest library in Saratoga County.
Village of Round Lake – A view of the arcade from First Street looking East. The Round Lake arcade contained stores and offices that were destroyed in the fire of 1921. (c. 1921).
Village of Round Lake – Picking up leaves along Lake Avenue, Round Lake in October, 1901.
Village of Round Lake – A group of students pose outside the Griffin Institute (aka the Round Lake Academy). The Institute offered seasonal academic pursuit to young men & women throughout the summer. (c. 1910).