Village of Schuylerville – This Schuylerville School was completed in 1926. The building cost $180,000, contained 18 classrooms for grades 1-12, a gym, an auditorium, a cafeteria, and a kitchen. Two additions were later added to the building and it was closed in 1993.
Village of Schuylerville – The Schuyler House owned by General Philip Schuyler was built in 1777. Several generations of the Strover family lived in the house. In the late 1940’s the National Park Service gained title to the property and restored it to its original design.
Village of Schuylerville – The Schuylerville Bathing Beach was constructed as a WPA project and opened on July 4, 1934. The beach is on the Hudson River and was a popular summer spot for residents of the area.
Village of Schuylerville – Spring floods were a regular event in the village. This flood, especially severe in 1913 shows Ferry Street looking east. The construction of the Conklinville Dam significantly reduced the threats of floods in the village.
Village of Schuylerville – The Champlain Canal brought growth and prosperity to Schuylerville. Schuylerville had a dry dock, terminal, and a mule barn. Numerous warehouses were built along the canal and hotels and canal related businesses flourished in the village.
Village of Schuylerville – Broadway in Schuylerville supported numerous businesses. The Hotel Schuyler, built in 1868, was a prominent structure on Broad Street. Also seen in the photo are the bank/standard newspaper building, the Russell block, and Ingham’s meat market.