Village of Stillwater – The Stillwater School was built in 1926. It housed all the grades with the high school on the second floor and the elementary on the ground floor. The school was centralized in 1947. It is now used as the Stillwater Area Community Center and the Historians Office is located there.
Village of Stillwater – Miss Ella Tice Tucker, an early schoolteacher who was dedicated to the education of her pupils. She served over forty years. There are still eighth grade awards given to students for their excellency in education, named in her honor.
Village of Stillwater – Talmadge’s Variety Store and Archie Smodell’s Barber Shop on the corner of Lake Street and Hudson Avenue. It was noted for its fine selection of penny candy!!
Village of Stillwater – Ernest Tefft residence and store located on Hudson Avenue across from the Commercial Hotel, later known as the Moosehead. The original Hudson River Bridge was to the left of the store building. The bridge is now located to the right of the building.
Village of Stillwater – Newland-Wood Fire Department Station and also village offices. It is located on School Street. The office of the Mayor and Village Clerk are in this building.
Village of Stillwater – A view of the Main Street now called Hudson Avenue looking north. Note the trees overhanging the street. They were later destroyed by Dutch Elm Disease.