DD-214 Filing
An original DD-214, or War Service Discharge, may be filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office at any time. It is considered a sealed record and will only be accessible by the person on the discharge or their immediate family members. You may obtain a certified copy of your DD-214 at any time, free of charge. Filing your original DD-214 discharge papers will also make you eligible to join our Saratoga County Veteran’s F.A.V.O.R. Program.

Saratoga County Veteran’s F.A.V.O.R. Program

Saratoga County Veteran’s F.A.V.O.R. Program
The Saratoga County Veterans F.A.V.O.R. Program is a discount program established in 2011. This program encourages Saratoga County Veterans to file their original DD-214 discharge papers with the County Clerk’s Office at no charge. In return, they will receive a discount card that can be used in over 300 local businesses in addition to access of a number of Veterans benefits. For additional information and a list of participating businesses, please see the Saratoga County Veteran’s F.A.V.O.R. page.

Department of Motor Vehicle

Department of Motor Vehicle – Veteran Status
By applying for Veteran Status on your NYS Driver’s License or other photo document, “VETERAN” will also be placed on said document in addition to all future photo documents. To view proper forms and documentation needed, go to the License/Permit/ID Card section of our DMV page, then click on “Veteran Status”.

Saratoga County Veterans Peer Connection

Saratoga County Veterans Peer ConnectionVeterans Peer Connection in Saratoga County
The Saratoga County Veterans Peer Connection is a mentoring program that pairs established veterans with returning veterans. These pairings can help with re-acclimation challenges such as PTSD and are intended to ease the transition between combat and civilian life. To learn more about this program, join the program, or become a mentor, go to veteranspeertopeer.org

“All veterans, regardless of time served or discharge, are eligible to receive mentorship.”

Veterans’ Service Agency
Saratoga County is home to approximately 17,000 Veterans. The Veterans Service Agency provides a range of services to assist these veterans and their families in as many ways as possible. Please visit the Saratoga County Veterans’ Service Agency website for further information.

Each month Saratoga County holds a Deceased Veterans Ceremony to honor the memory of deceased veterans. The ceremony has become a tradition in Saratoga County and includes participation from elected officials at all levels of government in addition to local Veterans organizations and supporters. Saratoga County has, so far, honored over 300 veterans.

Memorial Service