Motorcycle License (Class M)

First Time Applicant:

Upon passing the road test, you will be issued a temporary motorcycle license by the examiner.

If you do not have another class of NYS driver license, you will receive your motorcycle license with your photo by mail in approximately two weeks after the date of your road test. You do not have to visit a DMV office.

If you already have another class of NYS driver license, wait at least seven days following your road test to apply for your motorcycle license at your local DMV office. Make an appointment for a “license amendment.”

Bring with you:

  • Completed Form MV-44
    • Mark the “Change”  box at the top, and write in “Add Class M (or MJ)” in the “Other Change” box
  • Temporary motorcycle license,
  • Motorcycle learner permit, and
  • Current photo driver license
  • Payment for the $12.50 fee to amend your driver license

Both driver license classes will be listed on your new document.  The new driver license will expire on the same date as your previous one. The DMV office will issue a temporary driver license without a photo to you. Please allow two weeks to receive your new photo driver license by mail.