Saratoga County Department of Health regulates the operation of campgrounds in Saratoga County per the New York State Sanitary Code, Subpart 7-3 Campgrounds. The Department of Health staff in cooperation with local owners/operators work together to ensure that campgrounds are safe and well maintained for all to enjoy.

All campgrounds with five or more camping sites and that operate more than 60 hours per year are under the jurisdiction of the health department and require an annual operating permit.  Regular inspections are performed by Health Department staff to check for such items as site spacing, drinking water safety, general sanitation, sewage and garbage disposal and fire safety.

A campground is any parcel or tract of land including buildings or other structures, under the control of any person, where five or more campsites are available for temporary or seasonal overnight occupancy. A campsite is a portion of a campground, with or without connections to water supply, electrical service, or sewage systems, used by one camping unit. A camping unit is a tent, camping cabin, recreational vehicle or other type of portable shelter intended, designed, or used for temporary human occupancy.

(Visit the NYSDOH website for Section 7-3.1 – Definitions)

A campground inspection includes an assessment of the general cleanliness of the campsites and a check for any fire hazards or spacing issues that may lead to potentially dangerous situations. A review of utility connections is also performed to prevent potential water supply cross contamination or electrical hazards.

Campground operators must follow New York State Department of Health regulations for operator responsibilities and reporting requirements; campground space requirements; building and grounds maintenance; insect, rodent and weed control; sewage treatment; water supply; fire safety; and refuse storage. Visit the New York State Department of Health to read these campground regulations.

To apply for a campground permit for an existing establishment, you must submit a completed renewal application, appropriate fee, and supporting documentation to the Saratoga County Department of Health. Proof of Worker’s Compensation and Disability insurance is also a requirement for obtaining a permit to operate.

Prior to new construction or renovation of a campground, an operator must submit plans and applications for review to the Department.

You can apply for a campground permit or contact the Saratoga County Department of Health at (518) 584-7460, or Email us.

Visit the NYS DEC website for helpful information about Nuisance Wildlife, Harmful Plants and Ticks

Get Rabies Information from the NYS DOH.

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To file a complaint, call the Saratoga County Department of Health at (518) 584-7460 or Email us.