The Saratoga County Department of Health performs inspections on migrant farmworker’s housing units in Saratoga County to ensure that workers are provided a safe and sanitary environment per the New York State Sanitary Code, Subpart 15- Migrant Farmworker Housing . Migrant labor camps or migrant farmworker housing units are regulated properties that may be used or occupied by persons employed as migrant farmworkers. This includes sleeping facilities, provided in whole or in part by the employer of such persons, with or without a stipulated agreement as to the duration of their stay.

Saratoga County Department of Health is responsible for inspecting and permitting seasonal farmworker housing facilities occupied by one or more persons. An annual operating permit must be obtained for both on-site and off-site housing provided by the employer. A pre-operational inspection must be conducted by the Department of Health staff prior to any occupancy of the facility by workers as described above. The Department of Health also routinely inspects this housing during the operating season to ensure it meets the requirements contained in Part 15, “Migrant Farmworker Housing,” of the New York State Sanitary Code.

The New York State Department of Health has regulations on the responsibilities of operator and occupants of migrant farmworker housing, standards for migrant farmworker housing, food protection and refuse disposal, and laundry and bathing requirements. Visit the NYS DOH website to read migrant farmworker housing regulations.
To apply for a permit for an existing establishment, you must submit a completed application, appropriate fee, and supporting documentation to the Saratoga County Department of Health. Proof of Worker’s Compensation and Disability Insurance is also a requirement for obtaining a permit to operate.

Prior to new construction or renovation of a migrant farmworker housing unit, an operator must submit plans and applications for review to the Department. The permitting process requires the review of a detailed permit application and an evaluation of the following items:

  • Structural integrity and maintenance
  • Fire safety
  • Water supply
  • Sewage treatment system
  • Laundry facilities
  • Food service
  • General sanitation and trash disposal

You can apply for a permit or contact the Saratoga County Department of Health at (518) 584-7460, or Email us.

To report a housing violation or unsafe conditions please call the Saratoga County Department of Health at (518) 584-7460 or Email us.