All public swimming pools in Saratoga County are required to apply for an operating permit and must comply with all applicable sections of the New York State Sanitary Code, Subpart 6-1 Swimming Pools. Code requirements include, but are not limited to, maintaining adequate bathing water quality, maintaining sanitary conditions in bathhouses and toilet facilities, meeting various lighting, fencing, ventilation, and electrical requirements, and appropriate supervision.

Permitting and Registration
New York State Regulations RE: Permit for Operation

To apply for a permit to operate a new public swimming pool
1. Complete the Swimming Pool Application to submit plans for a new public swimming pool
2. Complete and submit the Saratoga County Notice of Intent
3. Review the applicable modifications submittal package:
a. For Swimming Pool Minor Modifications Submittal Package
b. For Construction of New Pools or Major Modifications to Existing Pools
4. Complete a Swimming Pool Safety Plan

Complete the Saratoga County Notice of Intent to make any modifications to an existing permitted swimming pool.

Fact Sheets for Staff Certifications
Aquatic Certifications Fact Sheet (
CPR Fact Sheet for Bathing Facilities and Children’s Camps(
Level III/IV CPR Fact Sheet (
Level III Aquatic Supervision Staff Certification Required for Instructional Activities (
Camp Trip Swimming Program Certifications Fact Sheet (
Swimming Pool Operator Fact Sheet (

Design and Construction Requirements
Approval of Swimming Pool Plans
Swimming Pool Plan Review Checklist
New York State Swimming Pool Design Standards
Swimming Pool Construction Compliance Certificate
Important Information for Operators
New York State DOH Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Operation, Supervision and Maintenance Requirements
New York State DOH Regulations for Swimming Pool Operations
New York State DOH Swimming Pool Safety Plan Template for Operators
Injury and Illness Incident Reporting Requirements
Monthly Operation Reports

New York State DOH Enforcement

Water Quality Standards – Approved sources for filling, water chemistry, operation and maintenance
New York State DOH Water Quality Regulations
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Operating Public Swimming Pools
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Pool Chemical Safety
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Contamination Response in Swimming Pools

Please call the Saratoga County Department of Health at (518) 584-7460 or Email us with any questions or concerns you may have.