What is a NaloxBox?
Inspired by the life-saving concept of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), the NaloxBox serves as a public emergency intervention tool designed to house multiple, free, prepackaged doses of nasal naloxone spray to improve the capacity of bystanders in order to save the lives of those experiencing an opioid overdose.

What is inside the box?
Each NaloxBox contains several doses of nasal naloxone (Narcan) spray, written instructions on how to administer naloxone, information on New York State’s 911 Good Samaritan Law, one time use rescue breathing face shields and Saratoga County Department of Health’s contact information.

Who can take naloxone from the NaloxBox?
The contents of the NaloxBox will be free and open to the public. The NaloxBox is intended for emergency use. However, we do not want to discourage an individual in need of naloxone from taking it.

What if naloxone is given to an individual who is not experiencing an opioid overdose?
Naloxone is safe to use and will not harm someone if you give it to them, even if they are not overdosing on an opioid, or experiencing an overdose.

How are locations of the NaloxBoxes determined?
Saratoga County Department of Health’s Substance Use Surveillance System is using a data driven approach to identify locations for NaloxBox placement throughout Saratoga County.

Current Locations
View the current NaloxBox locations.

Information for Businesses and Community Partners Participating in the NaloxBox Program
Request NaloxBox maintenance, additional supplies, or in-person naloxone training for staff members.

For additional questions regarding Saratoga County Department of Health’s NaloxBox Program, please Email us.