Health Insurance
Retirees from Saratoga County are able to keep their Health Insurance at the same contribution percentage as when they retired. The Health Insurance Plans offered to retirees are the POS $25 and the PPO $15 – for more information on these plans please go to the Benefits page. Health insurance payments are accepted by check or money order via mail or in person to the Saratoga County Human Resources office. Human Resources will notify all retirees what their monthly premium will be each year. For information on premium prices see the documents below which are broken down by contribution percentage.


When a retiree or a retiree’s spouse becomes Medicare eligible they will need to submit their Medicare card, which shows they are enrolled into Medicare parts A and B, to Human Resources . At that time, they will be moved off of CDPHP and enrolled into MVP which is a Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD) This plan includes a creditable prescription coverage to fulfill the Medicare part D requirement. The retiree’s contribution percentage will remain the same once switched over. To help cover the cost of Medicare part B, Saratoga County issues a portion of the premium back to eligible retirees and spouse. This reimbursement is issued quarterly. To be issued this reimbursement please submit a direct deposit form to the Saratoga County Human Resources office.

For more information on MVP see the administered by 2024 MVP Benefit Summary, and the Direct Deposit form.

For step by step instructions on what to do when a retiree or retirees spouse is becoming Medicare eligible, see the Welcome Info, and the Medicare Retiree Checklist.

Dental Insurance
While Health insurance does carry over into retirement, dental benefits do not. MetLife does offer the option for retirees to continue receiving insurance for the full premium cost. For more information see the MetLife Plan Booklet, and the 2023 Retiree MetLife Summary Rates or contact MetLife directly.

Open Enrollment for Retirees
For Non-Medicare Subscribers:
During this time, non-Medicare subscribers are allowed to switch between the PPO and the POS plan. Any changes made to your health insurance will take effect on January 1 the following year. If you are interested in changing your current plan, it is imperative that you contact the Human Resources Office to file an application during the open enrollment period. Please keep in mind that CDPHP’s PPO $15 co-pay plan and POS $25 copay plan have a national network. The POS $25 co-pay plan is a managed care plan and requires a primary care physician on file for all members; however, no referrals are required to see specialists. If you wish to review both plans, please visit the “Benefits” tab. If you are satisfied with your current health insurance plan and do not wish to make any changes, no further action is required.

For Medicare Subscribers:
No action is required, all Medicare Subscribers will remain on MVP.

Questions? Retirees can also visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.