Saratoga County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP)

The 2019 FEMA approved Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) for the County of Saratoga and participating municipalities is now available.

We welcome and encourage your input by contacting OES at:
Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management – Email
Phone: (518) 885-2232

Jurisdictional Annexes
9.1 Saratoga County 9.2 Town of Ballston 9.3 Village of Ballston
9.4 Town of Charlton 9.5 Town of Clifton Park 9.6 Town of Corinth
9.7 Village of Corinth 9.8 Town of Day 9.9 Town of Edinburg
9.10 Town of Galway 9.11 Village of Galway 9.12 Town of Greenfield
9.13 Town of Hadley 9.14 Town of Halfmoon 9.15 Town of Malta
9.16 City of Mechanicville 9.17 Town of Milton 9.18 Town of Moreau
9.19 Town of Northumberland 9.20 Town of Providence 9.21 Village of Round Lake
9.22 Town of Saratoga 9.23 City of Saratoga Springs 9.23 City of Saratoga Springs (Updated 2022)
9.24 Village of Schuylerville 9.25 Village of South Glens Falls 9.26 Town of Stillwater
9.27 Village of Stillwater 9.28 Village of Victory 9.29 Town of Waterford
9.30 Village of Waterford 9.31 Town of Wilton

Appendix A – Example Resolution of Plan Adoption Appendix B – Planning Process
Appendix C – Risk Assessment Appendix D – Mitigation Strategies
Appendix E – Mitigation Programs Appendix F – Mass Care and Sheltering
Appendix G – Linkage Procedures Appendix H – NYS Hazard Mitigation Planning Standards

We welcome your continued input on this project.  Please click here to take part.

Last update:  03/8/2022