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Applying for an Enhanced or REAL ID driver license, non-driver ID or permit? Please note that transactions for these documents take longer to process than most other DMV transactions, therefore our DMV offices accept applications for Enhanced or REAL ID licenses, permits or non-driver identification cards between 9A.M. and 4P.M. to allow for proper processing time. Please see our License/Permit/ID Card page for more information about the documents you’ll need to apply for one of these documents.

Renew Here.. and keep your hard-earned dollars working for you!

       When you process your vehicle registration and driver license renewals with us at one of our Saratoga County DMV office locations, you keep your hard-earned dollars working here locally for you!

       That’s right, on average, Saratoga County retains approximately $9 per transaction when you process your registration and license renewals at one of our three convenient Saratoga County DMV locations in Ballston Spa, Clifton Park and Wilton. That may not sound like much, however the revenue generated from these transactions adds up quickly and makes a positive net impact on the county budget which helps our taxes, providing necessary services, creating jobs, and supporting the local economy.

More convenient ways to Renew Here at Saratoga County DMV:

  • New DMV by Appointment for driver’s license and registration renewals.
  • New 24 Hour Drop Box for registration renewals now available at the Wilton Mall and Ballston Spa locations.
  • Coming Soon*- Introducing new Fast Lane services to get you in and out quickly when you renew here with us.


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Craig A. Hayner, County Clerk – Email

Charles A. Foehser II, Deputy County Clerk – Email

Shauna M. Sutton, Deputy County Clerk  Email                     



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